About Us & Team AK Models

AK RC & Model Shop was opened by Tony Hill in July 2018 due to the rapid decline in RC shops, there are so many online stores out there for RC but we are sadly losing the shops, people still like to go into RC shops to browse and to see what they are buying, although we do have an online shop for convenience we do feel that it is important to try to keep these little shops going. We stock all kinds of RC Aircraft, Vehicles, Equipment, Accessories, Materials, Static models and Toy Gliders. If we don’t stock it, we are happy to order it in, we have a large workshop to the side of the shop for all of your modelling needs, we run a build night on Wednesdays that starts at 6pm where everyone is welcome.
Tony, has been involved in the hobby for over 20 years, is a mine of information, from complex technical issues through to advice on models, you simply couldn’t ask for anyone better to help, so if you are in the area, pop in for a visit, it will be nice to meet you!

Contact us today on 01626 779955

Tony Hill is the Owner and Founder of AK RC & Model Shop, it has always been a dream of his to open his own Model Shop, This makes him feel like a big kid, Tony fly’s at most of the Shows in the UK including Woodspring Wings and the Large Model Association events ,You will see him mainly flying his 1/3rd Scale Hawk and Futura Jet.

Chloe Hill (Daughter of Tony) has just passed her BMFA A Certificate and she soon hopes to take her B Certificate and LMA Certificate to fly at the Shows ,she really enjoys the hobby and she is the resident tea lady to the shop and is always willing to give a hand.

Katie Hill – Acting Managing Director is very new to the hobby ,she hopes to start very soon building her very first model and learn to fly.

Mark Weeks is the expert Jet Flyer and Builder of the team, he currently flys his Hawk and Futura Jets. 


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