Fujitsu White Rechargeable 2000mAh AA 4.8v Flat RX Receiver Battery Pack


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Fujitsu White Rechargeable 2000mAh AA 4.8v RX Receiver Battery Pack Flat
Fujitsu ready-to-use rechargeables combine the eco-friendly aspects of rechargeable with the benefits of dry cell batteries. This means Fujitsu NiMH cells are rechargeable, reusable, recyclable and also ready to use, storable and have a low self-discharge rate.
Fujitsu NiMH cells can be cycled (charged and discharged) up to 2100 times, allowing you to reduce battery waste and pollution.
All Fujitsu cells feature a low self-discharge rate of 70% retention after 5 years of storage, compared to standard rechargeable batteries where an entire charge is lost after just 2 years!
All Fujitsu NiMH batteries are provided pre-charged, with energy taken from solar and renewable energy sources – Eco-friendly right from the beginning!

Fujitsu Rechargeable AA NiMH Battery Packs Feature;
• 2000mAh capacity (Minimum 1900mAh)
• 85% Retention after 1 year (70% after 5 years)
• High cycle life of up to 2100x
• Pre-charged – no need to charge before use!
• Packs Constructed using Capacitor Discharge welding
• High Quality, multi-strand silicone wire
• JR Universal RX / TX Lead
• Constructed to Overlander’s high standards in the UK by trained operatives

Length (mm) 57
Width (mm) 53
Depth (mm) 15
Weight (g) 115
Chemistry: NiMH
Battery Capacity: 2000
Voltage: 4.8
Cell Number: 4
Cell Size: AA
Voltage: 4.8v (4S)

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